Read Rules before Posting/Creating Account

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Read Rules before Posting/Creating Account

Post by RetroGamingTactics on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:40 am

Hello, and welcome to the Forum! Before Creating your Account and Posting here in various Topics, please read through the short list of Rules. Thank You and enjoy your stay!

1. No Sexual and/or Pornographic Content
2. No Hateful or Abusive Content
3. No Defamatory Content and/or Affecting the Integrity of ANY Person
4. No Sale or Exchange of any Products of any kind
5. No Drugs or any other Illicit Substances
6. No Spamming/Blatant Self Promotion
7. No Phishing or Linking to Malicious Websites

If you can abide by these simple Rules, everyone will have a Safe, Fun time here.

First offense will result in Topic/Post being deleted and a PM Warning will be issued
Second offense will result in Ban

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